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Tree Trucks® rents and leases the safest trucks and chippers to California Contractors and Municipalities.



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See our safety enhancements.

Tree Trucks® adds smart safety upgrades that supersede industry standards. Safety enhancements protect tree crews working along busy streets and highways and the general public driving in the communities your tree crews serve.

Safety features built-in.

  • Warning lights
  • Cone holders
  • Fire extinguishers mounted
  • Trailer break-away anchor
  • 6-way and 7-way trailer outlets
  • Back up cameras
  • Safety pins permanently attached to the trucks to secure the hitch, wheel chalks, cones, and rear door latch to the back of the chipper box
  • Secondary chip box lock pin
  • Secondary locks on tool boxes
  • Heavy duty hinges on tool box doors
  • Extreme pintle hitch security lock box to prevent chipper theft



See how we help your bottom line.

Tree Trucks® helps fleet managers scale their fleet without the stress, headache and hassle of standard procurement, and without a long-term commitment. We support your fleet management and help things go right.

Service features added.

  • Friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable people that help you do the most
  • GPS
  • 90-day BIT
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Dielectrics
  • Key management
  • Delivery
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Zero Days Lost®

Tree Trucks® keeps your tree crews working safely. No matter what.

Downtime is costly to stakeholders and frustrating to fleet managers. Accidents happen. Repairs take time. We eliminate the downside to downtime. Calculate the advantages of operating with Zero Days Lost®.

Fleet customers enjoy a loaner truck or chipper during maintenance cycles.

Leases include:

  • Peace of mind
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance service
  • BIT inspections
  • DMV registration
  • CARB compliance
  • Annual dielectric certification
  • Key management
  • Dual login geo location management

Accidents happen. If your truck or chipper is damaged in an accident that requires insurance, our backup trucks and chippers are available so you can keep your tree workers working until your claim is adjusted or settled.

Five Stars

“Tree Trucks® was a life saver when one of our aerial lifts went down with transmission problems. Their team is extremely responsive and worked fast to get us a truck quickly to keep our operation running. During the rental, the key to the truck broke and we could not find the backup key. Instead of sending a spare key overnight delivery, they sent a driver with two new keys the same day.”

Adam Clarke

Bartlett Tree Experts Inc

Five Stars

“Excellent service. Awesome people. Tree Trucks® delivers when promised, even on short notice.”

Mary Rosellen

U.S. Forest Service

Five Stars

“The Tree Trucks® team has been a trusted partner that continuously provides us with a phenomenal service. So glad we found them.”

KDF Forestry

Five Stars

“I highly recommend using Tree Trucks® rental services to my colleagues in the tree care industry. Being able to rent tree equipment on short notice to cover breakdowns or upscale for larger projects is a huge, obvious benefit that Tree Trucks® provides. Less obvious, but perhaps as valuable is the personal service that John Kent provides. You don’t just get the safest machines delivered fast, you get a project partner who brings his extensive experience and unrelenting commitment to tree worker safety to bear for your benefit.”

Rhett Richardson

President, Solano Shade Tree


Trustworthy, responsive, helpful and friendly people with industry expertise; Dedicated to doing all the little things that help you do the most.


Trucks are built with a place for everything, so everything has a place. The setup is safe, secure, and consistent across the fleet.


Downtime is frustrating to fleet managers and costly to stakeholders. Nothing is more costly than a production day lost for any reason. Calculate the advantages of doing the most tree work without any lost days.

Bottom Line

Tree Trucks® has trucks and chippers ready to roll when you need them. Taking equipment off-rent isn’t the solution. Having the essential tree equipment required to keep your tree workers working is.

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Forestry Bucket Truck Rentals

  • Terex XT Pro-56/Altec LR7-56 Forestry Buckets with a working height of 61 feet
  • Maximum reach, overcenter: 44.4 ft (13.5 m)
  • Maximum reach, non-overcenter: 41.6 ft (12.7 m)
  • Boom articulation (Lower Boom): 0 to 125°
  • Rotation: continuous
  • Full-size chip box
  • Outrigger boom interlock system
  • Outrigger motion alarm
  • Back-up alarm
  • 400 lb platform capacity
  • Lanyard interlock system
  • Lanyard alert system
  • Dual hydraulic tool circuits
  • Automatic lower and upper boom stow systems
  • Upper and lower “Boom Out of Stow” indicator systems
  • 90° platform rotator (available with 24 x 24 or 24 x 30 platform)
  • 24 in x 30 in platform option
  • 450 lb platform capacity option on non-rotating platforms
  • Upper boom protective sleeve
  • Lower boom lifting eye
  • Turntable handrail
  • Arbuckle lanyard anchor system
  • Fall protection system
  • Outrigger pads
  • Platform liner
  • Wheel chocks
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Chipper Truck Rentals

  • Ford F550/Dodge Ram
  • Automatic transmission
  • Trailer brake control
  • U-connect with Bluetooth
  • 19,500 lb. GVWR


  • 18 cu yd chip box with front cutout
  • Curbside interior ladder box with pruner shelf and rear door
  • LED light package with trailer plug
  • 4-point LED amber strobe lights
  • Undercoated
  • Vents in upper side panels
  • 15,000 lb. capacity tow package with pintle hook
  • Two (2) wheel chock holders and chocks
  • 12v electric powered hydraulics
  • Fire extinguisher
  • DOT triangle kit

Tool Box

  • L-shaped with 24” L return boxes
  • Adjustable shelves and rope hooks
  • Locking doors with an additional lock bar system
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Chipper Rentals

  • Bandit 12XPC 12-inch Chipper
  • 49HP Kohler diesel engine
  • Weight 6,000
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